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1.the upside can be amazing.

If you can get a talk right, the upside can be amazing.

2.sth, together with sth are having an impact. they are adding up and
doing sth….(八个起因,先介绍起因,后介绍影响)

Climate change, together with political and economic troubles are
having an impact. They are adding up and stressing out cities and us,
the people who live in them.

3.provided important insight.

The field of ecology have provided important insight.

4.every year sb does sth, enabling sth to become more and more

Every year the silicon computer chip shrinks in size by half and
doubles in power, enabling our devices to become more mobile and

5.sth leave sb …. causing sb to do sth

They left him nauseated, causing him to vomit every half hour for up
to eighteen hours.

Perhaps most intriguingly, pursuing these personal projects allows
you to
break free from your personality traits, **which can itself
be rewarding: **

Does luck have anything to do with success?

You see, luck does exist. When it appears, mathematicians describe in
such a way that something has an extremely small probability but it does
happen. People often say, one has to have an opportunity to succeed. In
this case, luck is the opportunity, and to some extent is an
indispensable factor to achieve success.

When people say luck has nothing to do with success, I wonder it is not
their attention to deny the existence of luck, but to encourage. Because
luck in fact is a factor that one can not and should not count on, even
though we know people who have succeeded have their own luck. By
contrast, hard work is something that everyone can count on, and as is
often the case, hard work might bring luck. Therefore, luck itself is of
no hope, and lack of luck should not be an excuse to failure.

something should be given preferential financing.

PART 1 Summary

The success of SpaceX reinvigorated America’s ability to take people
into space and slapped its foreign rivals sober, making the country a
card-carrying member once again in the worldwide commercial launch
market. The aspiration of this young, feisty company is not merely to
needle its rivalries, but rather to conquer the solar system.

Unlike old-line companies which churn out equipment that replicate or
mimick their 1960s’ predecessors, SpaceX is a hotbed of innovations and
game-changing ideas where space fantasies can materialize.

Meanwhile, SpaceX recruiters are consumed with hunting for talent. The
rank-and-file candidates are overachievers who ooze passion and have
real-world experience. As the gatekeeper of the final-round interviews,
Musk often comes off borderline awkward and rolls out his polar riddle.

Although some employees would quit under the weight of criticism and
pressure, others have developed entrenched loyalty towards Musk. Yet,
almost every person, whether still on the payroll or not, heaps praise
on Musk, worshiping him as a hero or deity.

Contrary to a typical airspace company, SpaceX cuts its umbilical cord
from third-party suppliers and fabricate as many equipment as possible.
One of the trump cards it holds is a contraption used for friction stir
welding, which allows SpaceX to leapfrog its competitors.

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  • 20第11四中学华教育应用软件测验评定报告公布详细榜单
  • 正规声音:在线教育3伍年内冒出完整系统
  • 录制:指尖上的炎黄教育
  • 濮存昕做客盛典:陆字人生体验影响年轻人
  • 青海培养和训练高校为何衰败

to see how she and her colleagues helped people** whose problems had
stumped so many other**

One skill needed to be successful in the world today

People succeed not merely because they have one or more certain skills.
However, if I have to choose one skill which is to be useful to success,
I think it should be the ability to convince or persuade others.

By convincing or persuading we get what we want from others. When we
were children, we always managed to persuade our parents to buy us
candies; when we were in high school, we had to persuade our classmates
to play with us; when we applied for a job after graduation, we had
better be able to successfully convince the employer that we are
qualified employees. Besides, some day, we will all have to convince a
person whom we love that we are indeed outstanding husbands or excellent

By convincing or persuading we become more and more sturdy and powerful.
Nobody is capable of doing everything perfect. By persuading others to
cooperate with us, we can achieve much more than we could only by
ourselves. Mr. Yu Minhong, CEO of Beijing New Oriental Education &
Technology Group, had successfully convinced his alumni including Mr.
Wang Qiang and Mr. Xu Xiaoping to strive after an ideal- to build a most
influential private university in China, and today, they have been so
close. Mr. Yu, while answering a journalist, said that he once persuaded
Chinese students to go abroad, his current work is to convince those
students to return to their homeland with their enhanced intelligence.

Ironically, it is ourselves who need us to persuade and convince most.
We by nature are weak, yet have to be stronger to face up to tough
surroundings. All too often we need encouraging. Amazingly enough, it is
ourselves who can indeed encourage. When we are in trouble, we need
convince ourselves not to give up; when we are in plain sailing, we need
persuade ourselves not to be negligent. By convincing ourselves, we
become more and more independent, and more and more robust, both of
which are characteristics essential to success.

行文复习计策,作文素材。PART 2 Expressions

It’s the spaceship equivalent of an Apple laptop or a Braun kettle—an
elegant, purposeful machine stripped of frivolity and waste.

[frɪˈvɒləti]  (a.) frivolous

  1. behavior of activities that are not serious or sensible, especially
    when you should be serious or sensible

I don’t thin such frivolity helps the organization’s public image.

  1. something that is silly and unimportant

Try not to be distracted by the frivolities of the world.

Its $60 million per launch cost is much less than what Europe and
Japan charge and trumps even the relative bargains offered by the
Russians and Chinese.

(n.) 桥牌中的金牌

trump card: something that you can do or use in a situation, which
gives you an advantage

But then he decided to play his trump card(= use his advantage).

They hold all the trump cards things which could give them an advantage.

(v.) to do better than someone else in a situation when people are
competing with each other

By wearing a simple but stunning dress, she had trumped them all.

SpaceX can undercut its U.S. competitors—Boeing, Lockheed Martin,
Orbital Sciences—on price by a ridiculous margin.

margin: the difference between what it costs a business to buy or
produce sth and what they sell it for

Margins are low and many companies are struggling.

Within 10 years they had a gross profit margin of 50%.


This leaves the United States dealing with two of its least-favored
nations in space matters and doing so without much leverage. Case in
the retirement of the space shuttle made the United States
totally dependent on the Russians to get astronauts to the ISS.

A clear example of something that you are discussing or explaining

Tom’s career is a case in point.

A classic case (=typical example) of poor design

Part of it stems from SpaceX being the apotheosis of the Cult of


  1. the best and most perfect example of sth

the apotheosis of romantic art

  1. the best or highest point in sb’s life or job SYN apex

the apotheosis of his career

SpaceX is the hip, forward-thinking place that’s brought the perks
Silicon Valley—namely frozen yogurt, stock options, speedy
decision making, and a flat corporate structure—to a staid

perk: sth that you get legally from your work in addition to your wages,
such as goods, meals, or a car

theatre ticket an other perks

I only eat here because it’s free — one of the perks of the job.

staid: serious, old-fashioned and boring

a staid old bachelor

From that point, the tales of engineers who have interviewed with Musk
run the gamut from torturous experiences to the sublime.

gamut: the complete range of possibilities

College life opened up a whole gamut of new experiences.

Her feelings that day ran the gamut of emotions(= included all the
possibilities between two extremes).

sublime: [səˈblaɪm] (a.)

the sublime: sth that is so good or beautiful that you are deeply
affected by it

The works on display range from the mainstream to the sublime.

from the sublime to the ridiculous: used to say that a serious and
important thing or event is being followed by sth very silly,
unimportant or bad

It’s a strategy that flat-out dumbfounds SpaceX’s competitors,
like United Launch Alliance, or ULA, which openly brags about
depending on more than 1,200 suppliers to make its end products.

(v.) extremely surprise sb

(a.) dumbfounded

He was completely dumbfounded by the incident.

The biggest challenge was convincing NASA to give something new a try
and building a paper trail that showed the parts were high enough

(a.) existing only as an idea but not having any real value

paper profit : a record of the value of sth that is not real until
the thing is sold

paper promises

The relationship between Musk and Bezos has soured, and they no
longer chat about their shared ambition of getting to Mars.

If a relationship or sb’s attitude sours, or if sth sours it, it becomes
unfriendly or unfavorable

An unhappy childhood has soured her view of life.

  在前一篇的报考硕士[微博]葡萄牙共和国(República Portuguesa)语作文复习计策二里关系了大作文引进段的写作方法,我们持续练习能够写出高水准的率先段,进而给阅卷教授留下长远的纪念。接下来进入第1段意义解说段的战术讲授。对于报考大学生作文议杂谈来讲,涉及的核心无非正是重点的或许风险的。


1.lead to a bumper crop of sth

Will the societal shocks of 2016 lead to a bumper crop of (a
bumper crop is a crop that has yielded an unusually productive
harvest.) art in 2017 and beyond?

2.push people to do sth

will the unsettling political era ahead push people to create more
exciting art and music?

3.sth fuels the rapid growth of sth

VisiCalc, codeveloped with his friend Bob Frankston whom he met at
MIT, is widely credited for fueling the rapid growth of the
personal computer industry.

Spend money exploring outer space, or for basic needs on Earth?

Throughout the world, there are millions and millions of people who
are homeless, and even cannot afford to eat
. These people need help
from the government. If the government has so much money to spend on
space exploration, they should easily be able to have enough money to
help these people gain entry to the working world.
The government
could set up programs which allow homeless people to train for
This would be a much better way to spend money than exploring

Pollution is another major problem which plagues all of the industrial
nations. Instead of spending money on other planets, we should be
focusing on how to fix the one we live on. The ozone layer is getting
thinner and thinner every year, which means that the sun’s radiation is
causing more damage to people and the environment. The government need
to design a method to drastically reduce pollution, or else we might
need to move to one of those other planets they are exploring.

In addition to the problems of pollution and homelessness, the general
population could use the money as well. In many countries, including our
own, the health care and education system leave so many things to be
desired. I think that more money should be put towards making citizens
healthier and wiser.

plague: v. 折磨,使苦恼

frivolously: adv. 轻浮地,愚昧地

put forward: 放出,拿出,提出

keep track of 明了

PART 3 Thoughts

At trade shows and conferences, SpaceX recruiters wooed interesting
candidates they had spotted with a cloak-and-dagger shtick. They would
hand out blank envelopes that contained invitations to meet at a
specific time and place, usually a bar or restaurant near the event,
for an initial interview. The candidates that showed up would discover
they were among only a handful of people who been anointed out of all
the conference attendees. They were immediately made to feel special
and inspired.


there no the Hope Project, those children would never receive the
precious knowledge. 可提炼出那样的句式:Were there no sth., sb. would
never do sth. 如负面话题,Were the situation to continue, we would pay
high price.


1.create possibility for

create possibilities for meaningful conversations around social

贰.sb can do something, because sth set up/open up

You can study together in big groups or in small ones, because the
building/architecture** set up these opportunities.**

3.sth pulls sb forward into new possibilities,

Whereas contexts embed us, projects pull us forward into new
,” he says. “And one of those possibilities is a
better life and a happier life.”

The most important characteristic that a person can have to be successful in life

To be successful in life, one should have the characteristic of
independence, that is, he/she has the ability to think critically. By
critical thinking, one is capable of analyzing insightfully,
concentrating on the right target, thereby making a wise decision.

Thinking critically can enable one to analyze problems insightfully. We
live in a world where controversial issues are often simply taken for
granted. For example, most people are reluctant to think carefully about
issues like whether boys and girls should take separate classes.
Recently a high school in Beijing announced that their students from
then on take separate classes. Many parents support such ridiculous
decision without careful consideration. They are poor thinkers. Critical
thinking is but to ask some simple yet essential questions, which always
brings amazing sometimes appalling outcomes. Is such a scheme capable of
eliminating underage sexual behaviors among adolescents? Is such a
scheme guarantee boys and girls free of negative effects? Sadly, the
decision had been made but the question left unanswered.

Thinking critically can help one concentrate on right targets. We all
have only and exactly 24 hours a day, but we often have mountainous work
to do in hands, along with which many personal affairs seem equally
urgent. Concentrating on right targets is probably the only way to
overcome such dilemmas. For example, ETS has recently announced that GRE
examination will be transformed back to paper based test. Grumbles are
all around, and complains are posted almost on every BBS on the
Internet. But if students think critically, however, they will find out
the simple fact that even if ETS had made an awkward decision, test
preparers should concentrate on the right target—preparing test as
prudently as possible, and at the same time, grumbling never helps.

Only by thinking critically can one make decisions wise and prudent.
Sound decision making is essential to success. Decisions such as which
movie theater we should go tonight are simple enough to make by tossing
a coin, but decisions such as which university or which major we should
choose are complicated enough so that we need careful comparisons. A
comparison sheet will help a lot, simply by listing several relevant
questions such as “Am I really interested in this major?” or “Are there
more opportunities in the city where the university locates?” By
analyzing insightfully and concentrating on the right targets, wise
decisions are not hard to reach at all.



sb do something, raising the chilling prospect that

sb do something, raising the chilling prospect that the mass
shooter of the future might not even have to leave his home.

there is the potential for sth

There is also the potential for misuse.

with the high likelihood of

with the high likelihood of being made public on a widely viewed

run the risk of doing sth

you run the risk of limiting your prospects

Only people who earn a lot of money are successful?

China is host to over one billion people. While the majority of China’s
population is not rich; in fact, it is a very small percentage of people
who hold the status of being wealthy. Does this mean that the vast
majority of Chinese people are unsuccessful? The answer to this is
irrefutably “no”.

There are many measures of success, and money is one of them. However,
money is far from the main measure of success. To prove this point, one
need only consider the possibility that a man could be wealthy beyond
belief, but not consider himself successful. Perhaps he inherited his
money, and has done nothing of value in his life. Perhaps he earned the
money through ill means. Whatever the situation, it is more than
possible that a rich man could be considered unsuccessful, either by
himself, or by others.

Many people believe that the main measure of success is happiness,
rather than material goods. Without happiness, even a person with money,
status and children would not be successful. However, a low paid
schoolteacher might think he/she was very successful if he/she succeeded
in getting children to learn their material well. Or perhaps a
housewife, who makes no money of her own, would feel successful if she
raised a healthy, well-adjusted child and kept her home looking

It is also important to look at the difference between self-perceived
success and one’s success in the eyes of another person. Perhaps the
outside world views a man as unsuccessful if he does not have a lot of
money, but he views himself as very successful because of his
achievements in life. Whose opinion is more important? I believe that if
one thinks he/she is successful, then he/she is, no matter what other
people say.

In conclusion, money is not the only measure of success. Anyone can be
successful, whether they are rich or poor. What matters is how one views
himself/herself; if one is proud of one’s achievements in life, and
feels that he/ she has lived a fulfilling life, then he/she is

irrefutably [iˈrefjətəbli] adv. 无可辩白地

self-perceived [ˌselfpəˈsi:vd] adj. 自感到的

  1.There are many causes/reasons for the dramatic growth/decrease.


sth (stand) as a (visible) reminder of the positive contribution sb
made to sth

For others, the structure stands as a visible reminder of the
positive contribution they made to their community.

Equally if not more important is the role of sth in doing
sth/enabling sb to do sth(相比较的重申)

Equally if not more important is the role of education in
a person to enjoy the culture of his society and to take
part in his affairs, and** in this way** to **provide for
**each individual a secure sense of his own worth.

sth will be a source of direction as sb goes forward

his feeling of social obligation will be a source of direction as
he goes forward

  2. A number of factors can account for the change in.。.




forge new links to sth when they do sth

Students forge new links to their hometowns when they can solve
challenges for their families and neighbors.

Break down barriers between different groups
澳门金沙国际,creat/provide for possibilities for meaningful conversations around sth

Break down barriers between different groups and in doing so,
create possibilities for meaningful conversations around social

  1. As an example of the power of love, we should remember how the
Chinese people of all nationalities respond to the call to help the
victims of natural disasters every year. Although their incomes are
still low by international standards, people all over the country do not
hesitate to donate whatever they can — be it money or goods—to help
their needy fellow citizens. Moreover, they do this with no thought of
gain for themselves。(01年)  


sth channel A into B that…

These TED Fellows** channel the energy of activism into creative
work** that can change hearts and minds.

  2. A case in point is the successful launching of “Shenzhou 7
Spacecraft” which sets china in a high position of aviation and space
flight. Although it means a great achievement for us Chinese, we are
facing new challenges in the future and need to do further research in
space technology. Another illustration is closely related to us, the
examinees. If we pass this test and are fortunately admitted by a
university, we shall not stop making efforts. Instead, we are confronted
with the challenge of conquering the difficult graduate courses. We
still have to strive for success in our future academic study,
employment and career。(04年) 

challenge sth

These talks challenge the hidden biases we all hold — around looks,
race, class, gender, language.


  The difference between a man who succeeds and one who does not lies
only in the way each treats opportunities. The successful person always
make adequate preparations to meet… as they duly arrive. The
unsuccessful person, on the other hand, works little and just waits to
see them pass by. Obviously, the two different attitudes towards
opportunities may lead to quite different consequences。