The six-year-old John was terribly spoiled。 His father knew it, but
his grandma doted on him。 He hardly left her side。 And when he wanted
anything, he either cried or threw a temper tantrum 。 Then came his
first day of school, his first day away from his grandmother‘s loving


Today is Saturday.

What is family all about?

When he came home from school his grandma met him at the door。Was
school all right? she asked, Did you get along all right? did you

大好的规范 (1)

那得是有多么的懦弱啊,杰出的行业内部。Andrew called goodbye to his mom. His mother asked him to wait a minute
and hurried over to him. She almost tripped on her long bathrobe. The
curlers in her hair scratched Andrew’s face as she checked his ears and
neck. Andrew begged to his mother if they could skip it just once. Mrs
Marcus stepped away from Andrew. She pointed a finger at him and said
okay, she would let him go this time, but the next day she was looking
again. And she asked Andrew to zip his pants. Andrew looked down.
Zippers were a pain! His mother told him that that afternoon when he
came home she would be next door, because Mrs. Burrows had invited her
to play cards and asked him to came get the key from her. Andrew said he
knew that and then raced to school. He could hardly wait to see the
secret recipe. First he would look at it and if it didn’t seem any good,
he just wouldn’t pay. Sharon was already at her desk when Andrew
arrived. He went right over to her. He asked if she had brought it.
Sharon opened her eyes real wide and asked what she should bring. Andrew
was a little mad and said loudly that it was certainly the secret recipe
for freckle juice.

Hello~Everyone. My name is Keller.Before my presentation, I’d like to
ask you some questions. Do you think your family is a happy one? Has it
ever confronted some problems?Well, today I’d like share a story about
my family. You willing to listen that?

Cry? John asked。 No, I didn‘t cry, but the teacher did!

My l4-year-old son, John, and I spotted
the coat simultaneously.
It was hanging on a rack at a secondhand clothing store in Northampton
crammed in with shoddy trench coats and an assortment of sad,
woolen overcoats — a rose among thorns.

Well, everything seemed quite normal at first. my mother make breakfast
for the family, our kids completed our homework, my father ran his
errands, in truth, we just lived a life of quiet happiness.But that all
change since my father was deathly addicted to gambling.Since his
gambling days started, my mother’s life had become so miserable. She was
so angry the day she found my father lost the whole year’s salary; She
sobbed the day she realized that my father was so infatuated with
gambling that he paid little attention to the family any more.



In the back of my mind, there’s a horrible scene. My father came back,
then my mom started shout at him, I really hate the way you treat the
family since you had addicted to gambling”.  “And I really hate that
everytime when I came back, you always got this zen look on your face!”
“Are you doing drugs? changes in behavior is one of the warning
signs,and you have been as fresh as the paint for the last six month!”
(“I’m not the one with problem here all right ,you are the one always
acting like she is an angry doll.”) “What? I want to divorce!” And for a
moment, my mother stood motionless in the kitchen, grief-striking by
this senseless tragedy. My mother knew she was impulsive, but she still
thought it’s not her fault. My father pretended don’t care it, and said
nothing, but deep down, he’s badly heartbroken.


While the other coats drooped,
this one looked as if it were holding itself up.
The thick, black wool of the double-breasted chesterfield was soft and
as though it had been preserved in mothballs for years
in dead old Uncle Henry’s steamer trunk.
The coat had a black velvet collar,
beautiful tailoring, a Fifth Avenue label and an unbelievable price of
We looked at each other, saying nothing, but John’s eyes gleamed.
Dark, woolen topcoats were popular just then with teenage boys,
but could cost several hundred dollars new. This coat was even better,
bearing that touch of classic elegance from a bygone era.

After some initial anxiety, my grandma had an idea, and talk to my
parents:”We all have moment of misunderstanding, but if we can face then
head on, that’s when we find out how much we love each other.” Then my
parents had a long and deep talk. Turns out they could understand each
other better. and shortly after that, their relationship was
considerably warmer.)



If someone ask the question, what is family all about? what’s your
answer? Well, I would responded it as I always did. “This is what family
is all about, love,care and more understanding.” This is what I want to
share, That’s all, thank you!

澳门金沙国际,John slid his arms down into the heavy
satin lining of the sleeves and buttoned the coat.
He turned from side to side,
eyeing himself in the mirror with a serious,
studied expression that soon changed into a smile.
The fit was perfect.


John wore the coat to school the next day
and came home wearing a big grin.
“Ho. did the kids like your coat?” I asked.
“They loved it,” he said,
carefully folding it over the back of a chair and smoothing it flat.
I started calling him “Lord Chesterfield” and “The Great Gatsby.”


Over the next few weeks, a change came
over John.
Agreement replaced contrariness, quiet, reasoned discussion replaced
He became more judicious, more mannerly, more thoughtful, eager to
“Good dinner, Mom,” he would say every evening.


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He would generously loan his younger
brother his tapes
and lecture him on the niceties of behaviour;
without a word of objection,
he would carry in wood for the stove.
One day when I suggested that he might start on homework before
John — a veteran procrastinator – said,
“You’re right. I guess I will.”


When I mentioned this incident to one of
his teachers
and remarked that I didn’t know what caused the changes,
she said laughing. “It must be his coat!”
Another teacher told him she was giving him a good mark
not only because he had earned it but because she liked his coat.
At the library, we ran into a friend who had not seen our children in a
long time,
“Could this be John?” he asked, looking up to John’s new height,
assessing the cut of his coat and extending his hand, one gentleman to


John and I both know we should never
mistake a person’s clothes for the real person within them.
But there is something to be said for wearing a standard of excellence
for the world to see,
for practising standards of excellence in though, speech, and
and for matching what is on the inside to what is on the outside.


Sometimes, watching John leave for
I’ve remembered with a keen sting what it felt like to be in the eighth
— a time when it was as easy to try on different approaches to life as
it was to try on a coat.
The whole world, the whole future is stretched out ahead,
a vast panorama where all the doors are open.
And if I were there right now,
I would picture myself walking through those doors wearing my wonderful,
magical coat.